The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

Let me preface this post by stating first and foremost that I am not a writer. However, the past few weeks have inspired me to begin incorporating writing into my blog and my photography page. It dawned on me, after the election, that we all have a voice. We all have this incredible platform of social media where we are able to share our thoughts with the world. 

After the election there was far too much hatred in our conversations. There was a lack of understanding, confusion, and pride from all sides that created tension and anger. What I gathered from all the debates and conversations on Facebook was that there were far too few messages of love and support. 

My loves include nature, the outdoors, and the ability to create art. I love finding magic in the faces that I photograph, the beauty of the mountains, and in moments of laughter. Over the past few weeks, I have come to realize that our environment is at stake. The rivers and forests that I love may not be there for future generations. The sadness I feel in regards to this subject cannot be described. 

I created this video with some of the models from Wilhelmina Denver in recent weeks while on various photoshoots. This video was made with the intent of spreading a message of beauty, love and the appreciation of nature. These kids are the future generation. They are giving, hopeful and beautiful from the inside out. I had so much fun with my team creating these moments together. 

Styling: Ashley Hillsamer  HMUA: Megan Carey Artistry, Lisa Bartley, and Ming Min Luftig

Models: Emily, Lailani, Emily T., Landon, Ian and Lexie